Reepham Cemetery

For many centuries Reepham people were buried in the churchyard around St Mary’s and St Michael’s churches. In the C19 two cemeteries were opened, one on Norwich Road (for the parish of Reepham) and one on Whitwell Road (for the parishes of Whitwell and Hackford). The Norwich Road Cemetery ceased to be used as a cemetery in 1930s is now managed as a Wildlife Area. The Whitwell Road cemetery is the only one where interments now take place.

The headstones and monuments in the churchyard and the cemeteries have been recorded by Mid-Norfolk Family History Association. This information can be found on their website:

A guide to Norwich Road Cemetery has been written and is available to view by clicking on the link below.

Reepham Cemetery

Burial and interment in Reepham cemetery

For enquiries about burial or interment of cremated remains in Reepham Cemetery contact the Town Clerk.


The Council decided in November 2011 that it would not seek to kill the moles in Whitwell Road Cemetery. Although moles make hills which some people consider unsightly, killing moles is costly and ineffective. When the moles in an area are killed others quickly move it to colonise the now-empty space. Instead moles should be seen as part of the natural wildlife of the cemetery.

Memorial Safety Inspections

Reepham Town Council carried out a safety and stability inspection programme on memorials in the cemetery in 2018.

Any memorial deemed to be unsafe will be clearly marked.

The Town Council will take all reasonable steps to contact memorial owners as it is their responsibility to initiate repairs, as per the memorial inspection policy and cemetery rules (copies of which can be viewed on the Town Council website)

Only where the Town Council have been unable to contact the owner or where the memorial is deemed to be too unsafe to remain standing will the memorial be laid flat.

If you have any concerns please contact the Town Clerk – Jo Boxall

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