Reepham Allotments

Reepham Allotments

The Town Council currently have three allotment sites. There are currently no vacancies but due to the large number of plots there are usually vacancies each year.

Norwich Road

This site is owned by the Town Council. It is a small site with the equivalent of 4 full size allotment plots. There is currently a waiting list for this site and due to its small size, plots rarely become available.

Stony Lane & Fiddlers Field

5 years ago Reepham Town Council created several new allotments. The Council took a twenty year lease of a field off Stony Lane near Marriotts Way and Fiddler’s Field off Worlds End Lane in Reepham. The Council were successful in their bid for external funding to plough the plots, improve access and fence in the sites. There is the equivalent of 27 full size plots on Stony Lane site and 29 on Fiddlers Field. There are currently 75 plot holders.

All sites comprise of a mixture of full size (11 metre x 22 metre plot) and half size (11m x 11m plots), with a few odd sizes thrown in for good measure!

From 1st April 2017 a full size plot will cost £50 per year, a half plot will cost £25. An additional £15 charge is added for non-residents.

When allocating allotments, although priority is given to Reepham residents, we welcome non-residents too!

Tenants need to agree to abide by the terms set out in the allotment agreement (click to view as PDF). The Town Council carry out quarterly inspections of the allotment sites to ensure that plots are being well looked after in accordance with the allotment agreement.

Following recent concerns the Town Council drafted an appeals procedure for tenants (click to view as PDF) who have received a warning about the condition of their plot. A copy of this document can be downloaded here.

The Town Council have carried out a risk assessment for the allotments (click to view as PDF). Quarterly checks are also carried out to ensure that the allotments remain a safe place for plot holders and visitors.

The Town Council have provisionally agreed to allow plot holders to have bee hives on the allotment site. An agreement and application form can be downloaded which sets out the rules and expectations if you are interested. The National Allotment Society have produced a Honey Bees information leaflet  (click to view as PDF)

Rats will always prove a challenge to allotment holders and the Town Council produced a guide to help deter rats from the allotment plots (click to view as PDF).

If you are interested in growing your own fruit or vegetables, and would like further information about availability and renting a plot, please contact the Town Clerk.

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