Kerdiston church / chapel – cable route concerns

Following concerns about the proposed cable corridor for the wind farm, the Town Council agreed to send the following letter to Vattenfall drawing attention to the site of St Marys Church or Chapel in Kerdiston.

The following image of the church / chapel was also sent.



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Stimpson’s Piece Dog Restrictions

At the Trustee of Stimpson’s Piece meeting held on the 9th March 2016, the Trustees unanimously agreed that restrictions for dogs on Stimpson’s Piece (initially approved in 2008) should be reintroduced in light of the increasing amount of dog’s mess found on the field.

Whilst the Trustees recognise that the reintroduction of these restrictions may impact on the pleasure and enjoyment of dog walkers at Stimpson’s Piece, these measures are necessary to ensure the health and safety of other users of the field.

Signage has been installed to inform members of the public.

The restriction is as follows

Dog restriction diagram

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Trenching in Whitwell Road Cemetery

Trenching in Whitwell Road Cemetery.

There is very little space left in the cemetery and it is unlikely the Cemetery will be extended in the near future. People have expressed concern that burials may have to cease. Rather than close the cemetery to all burials once all the available space has been taken, the Council is exploring ways to increase the number of burial spaces within the Cemetery. One option is to use what appears to be unused space in the middle of the cemetery. There is an area in the middle of the cemetery, behind the bench, on your left hand side as you enter from Whitwell Road that has very few headstones.


This area has not been used in recent years because the records of burials in this area were lost sometime in the 1970s or 1980s. It is assumed that there are few, if any burials here. To test this out, the Council agreed to employ a specialist archaeological company to carry out trenching in the area to see if there is any evidence of burials.

At the end of April, three trenches were dug across the area. The trenches were shallow so they would not disturb any burials that may have been there. The Archaeologist was looking for signs of ground disturbance, especially of grave space size and shape, which would suggest  burials. No sign of ground disturbance was reported so the council will be able to use this area for future burials which should provide around 10 years additional burial space.

The Town Council will continue to seek alternative cemetery space as they recognise that acquiring a site and  establishing a new cemetery for burials can be a process taking many years.


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Town Council Vacancies

Reepham Town Council still need to find 4 willing volunteers to join them (co-opt) on the Council!

Being a Councillor is interesting and sometimes challenging work but it’s satisfying to make a constructive contribution to your local community.

  • Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month (except August)
  • No specific experience required
  • Full support & training is available
  • A fulfilling and challenging opportunity to enhance the well-being of local residents

The Town Council is responsible for the management and monitoring of the Cemeteries, Churchyard, Public Toilets, Car Park, Allotments, Market Street, Lighting, The Town Hall, Stimpson’s Piece, Verge Cutting and Grit Bins. It is consulted on all planning applications. It supports local events and grant funds to local groups.

See ‘information for prospective Councillors’ on the ‘Officers and Members’ page of this website
If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Jo Boxall (Town Clerk)

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